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Missy Truscott

4 Day Weak Point Training Program Template

4 Day Weak Point Training Program Template

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Build A Symmetrical & Aesthetic Physique

My most comprehensive training program to date! The 4-Day Weak Point Training Program Template allows you to fully customize every exercise according to your equipment availability, preferences, and weak points.

What makes this program standout is the ability to work on specific muscle groups that are lagging behind the others. For example, if you want to improve your glutes and delts, there are specific methods in this program that will help you achieve that so you have a more symmetrical physique.

The 5-Day version utilizes a upper-lower split to optimize frequency and volume for hypertrophy. This training program can be used be males or females!

This is not a physical product, you will receive a link to download a PDF and excel version of the program within 24 hours of purchasing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All sales are final for training programs, no refunds will be accepted.

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