In addition to Axe & Sledge Supplements, I work with several other amazing companies, including All American Roughneck, The Chicken Pound, Enspire Brand, and Flexibella Couture. Check them out below and use my code to save some money while supporting your favorite fitness competitor!

All American Roughneck

All American Roughneck is a Limited Release Apparel company co-founded by IFBB Pro Seth Feroce, who is also part owner of Axe & Sledge Supplements! I was one of the first sponsored athletes for AAR and couldn't be happier to represent this company.

From outdoor apparel to pump covers, they have it all. Items sell out fast, so make sure to tune into my YouTube channel and Instagram for release announcements!

Click the link below to see what they have in stock and use my code for 10% off!


The Chicken Pound

The Chicken Pound offers fully cooked meal prep chicken delivered straight to your door. Not only is it convenient, it tastes delicious, and helps you stay on track!

I love the chicken meatballs in the air fryer and so does Matt. Whenever I travel, I make sure to have a few packs of it on hand. If you haven't tried The Chicken Pound, I highly recommend it.

You can click the link below to buy and use my code for 10% off!

Code: MISSY10

Enspire Brand

Enspire Brand makes a variety of CDB based products, including topicals, edibles, drops, and more! I use them in the off-season and on prep to help me relax, wind down, and fall asleep.

Two of my favorite products include the Delta-8 gummies and Sleep gummies.

Click the link below to buy and learn more. Use my code to save some money!


Flexibella Couture

Flexibella Couture is my preferred competition suit boutique. They make custom suits for figure, wellness, and bikini divisions. In addition, Flexibella offers practice suits.

If you're serious about stepping on stage, check out what they have to offer by clikcing the link below. Use my code for 10% off!

Code: MISSY10