"I reached out to Missy 10 weeks out from my first show. I had previously been with a coach that wasn’t giving me the coaching I was looking for. I wanted to give 100% to my prep and bring my best to the stage. I knew Missy would be able to do just that.

From day one Missy made me feel confident and ready to take on this challenge together. Having a coach that truly cares and invests so much time really makes a difference.

We have built a trust and a relationship that I am so thankful for. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish together. Being a part of Team Apex has been a game changer!"

Ellie - IFBB PRO

Missy is the coach you need and want! I came to Missy over a year ago with a dream and goal of becoming an IFBB Fitness Pro. I had never competed in Fitness but wanted to learn and try. Missy took the time to speak with me on the phone and learn about me. She kept asking questions to build her understanding so she could help me.

Over a year later, I am stronger, faster, and more athletic. And I am an IFBB Fitness Pro. Missy turned my dream into a reality and listened to my preferences as an athlete.

We are a team, and I am thankful to compete with her as my coach. I rely on her guidance for nutrition, posing, routine creation, and weight training. Missy believes in me, and she puts care and effort into each client. I cannot recommend her enough. Work with Team Apex and go after your goals!


"I started working with Missy when I decided to compete in my first bodybuilding show. I wanted to work with the best because I ultimately want my pro card. I was very wary of other coaches I knew at the gym for a variety of reasons.

I wanted to make sure I would look my best and be healthy throughout my contest prep. I have always heard how hard prep is and i was a little scared because I didn't know how i would handle it.

Working with Missy was an excellent decision. She made the whole process feel easy, my body responded well the entire time, it was actually enjoyable! I won first place in my class and took the overall as well. Missy is an incredible coach and I'm so excited to see how far we can go working together."


"Missy has been an invaluable partner in my fitness journey over the past two years, guiding me through both the on and off-season with unwavering dedication. Her personalized approach has been a game-changer.

Missy doesn't just understand my body; she understands me. This personal touch has made all the difference, creating an environment of trust where I feel confident placing my physical well-being in her capable hands. Our collaboration has resulted in the best physique I've ever achieved, showcased in every competition we've entered together.

Missy's expertise, coupled with the trust we've developed, has elevated my performance and appearance to new heights. Beyond the physical transformations, it's the sense of partnership and understanding that sets Missy apart.

It's not just about hitting fitness goals; it's about the journey we've undertaken together. I'm grateful for Missy's guidance, her personal investment in my well-being, and the incredible results we've achieved together."


"I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn and grow with my beautiful coach and friend. The moment I learned Missy was taking clients I leaped at the chance to work with one of the greatest athletes I have ever known.

Missy knows what it takes to sculpt and showcase fantastic physiques while pushing fitness to new levels.  It has been a great privilege to learn from her and study her tactics and techniques. 

Having a coach who invests herself into your success with great attention to detail and positivity helped build my confidence as an athlete while developing my strength and skill as a competitor and coach. I’m forever grateful for Missy and the opportunity to be part of Team Apex!"


"I had been competing for over a year before reaching out to Missy. My previous coach wasn't relevant to the bodybuilding industry, more of a total health and fitness coach, and although I saw changes to my physique I never saw the growth I was wanting to achieve. Even in discussing my goals I felt that I was just another client rather than a personalized investment. I had been following Missy for about a year and through watching her channel I thought to myself that this is someone who is dedicated, fiercely positive, and has unwavering grit. 

When I learned she did personal coaching, I knew I wanted her in my corner. From the very first consult she was asking me what I wanted and what my goals were and I immediately felt that she cared about me as a person rather than another client she was taking on. There is a huge difference there and Missy makes it personal. This has been our first prep together and was completely satisfied with her level of detail write up to and THROUGH the day of the show.

We have a 3 hour time difference between us but that didn't change her level of commitment to me on show day. For check ins it was early morning for me but middle of the night for her; that dedication is hard to come by. I am so excited to be part of Team APEX and am excited for what we can accomplish together. Thanks Missy!"